Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Now Even Sassier!

I've accomplished next to nothing today. First thing out of bed this morning the power cut, so I called that in and waited - okay, I didn't wait. I slept. In the gathering heat. We're going through a heatwave right now. Basically, you walk outside after 10 am, and it's so humid it feels like there's no air to breathe. The lake makes it worse, but we deal with it the best we can by staying indoors and refrigerating ourselves and as much as possible.

I haven't gotten in a stick of writing today, although I rescued about seven chapters from the cloud late last night so I could begin rebuilding Vampyre Night for release. The other half of the novel is on my dead PC. The new power supply should arrive on Friday. So, I know what I'll be working on that day: breaking down the comp and trying to breathe life into the old beast so I can access my files. I know, I know. I should've made a backup. I did. Sort of. Okay, I backed up half, obviously, because I have half a novel to work with. And I know It's no excuse not to be writing. Maybe after I've had a nap...

One thing I did accomplish today is the snazzy new logo for Sassy Yak. Because nothing says procrastination like making a logo for a side blog. Anyway, I think he does indeed look like a Sassy Yak. All the sassiest ones wear monicles and top hats. Cheerio and all that. What makes him extra sassy is that his particular top hat is a line art replica of Kennedy's top hat. Fantastico.

But back to Vampyre Night...I'm missing the last...roughly...25-30k words of it. Yes, I could write that in a few days, but I want to use some of the action scenes in the third act (of a four act structure/d novel). I just hope that I don't pull a good one like I did with the blurb for Moonlight and Shadows. Waste all that time and pain digging around for the original only to realize it sucks the big one, so not only did I waste valuable time, I have to rewrite the darn thing anyway. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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